SPF, which abbreviates Sender Policy Framework, is an authentication system that aims at preventing the so-called e-mail forging. Essentially, this means sending some message from one e-mail address and making it seem to be sent from a different one with the idea to scam in some way the person opening it. In case the SPF protection is activated for a domain, a record which contains all the mail servers authorized to email messages with addresses in the domain is created. The record is saved on all DNS servers that direct the Internet traffic internationally, so that they all can recognize if an email message comes from a valid server or not. The verification is performed at the first server where the e-mail goes through and in the first case the email message is forwarded, and in the second one it's discarded and it never gets to the supposed recipient. Using SPF records for your domains will stop all unwanted people from using your emails for harmful purposes.

SPF Protection in Shared Web Hosting

When you host your domains in a shared web hosting account with us and we handle the emails for them, you'll be able to enable SPF protection for them with several clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel. The service is available in a section of its own where you're able to see which domain names are already secured. For those which aren't, you can activate the SPF protection solution and configure a lot of things at the same time - the hostnames of the mail servers that are allowed to send messages from your addresses, the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of these servers, and even to create a rule that email messages can be sent only when your domain names include our MX records. The last mentioned solution is the most secure one, and you can use it if we take care of the e-mail addresses for your domain names and do not use a different email service provider. The new records will propagate within 24 hours and nobody will be able to fake the FROM field in an e-mail with your email addresses.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers

The SPF protection attribute comes with all Linux semi-dedicated servers, so if you host your domain names in an account on our cloud web hosting platform, you can use this service easily for all of your domains. The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes as standard with the semi-dedicated accounts, has a quite easy to work with interface, therefore you do not have to be tech-savvy to protected your e-mails. You will simply need to type the hostname and the IP address of each mail server that you'd like to be allowed to send e-mails from your addresses and right after that the new record will be activated for the domain name that you have chosen. As an additional option, we also give you the ability to restrict the outgoing emails and secure your mailboxes even further by allowing email messages to be sent only when the domain involved features our MX records i.e. the email messages for the domain should be taken care of here and not by a different company. Doing so you'll get even better control and there will not be a chance for anybody to forge your email addresses for malicious uses.